Malaysia National Championship Rd2


Malaysia National Championship Rd2

“The 2nd round of Malaysia National Championship series was hosted by RCAC at the Titiwangsa R/C track in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. As the track was a little bit wet in the morning the conditions were not easy for the contenders. The races started with the qualifying of the 1/8th scale category. At his 1/8th scale debut race Haikal immediately piloted his Shepherd V8 ‘11 to the provisional TQ spot in the first round of qualifying. The combo of his out of the box Shepherd car standard with default factory settings and Shepherd tires work flawlessly on the damp but drying track. Despite the best effort by the other drivers during the 2nd and 3rd rounds of qualifying the Shepherd drivers kept his TQ position for the 45min final.

1/8th scale qualfying result:

  1. Haikal 20 laps 05:12.673
  2. Ah Tong 20 laps 05:12.766
  3. Haji Jusri  20laps 05:13.869
  4. Mahathir 19 laps 05:00.432
  5. Eric Siow 19 laps 05:01.086
  6. Andak 19 laps 05:02.105
  7. Zaidi 19 laps 05:11.346
  8. Ah Kong 18 laps 05:00.163
  9. Asrul 18 laps 05:02.028
  10. Epin18 laps 05:07.498

The main final saw Haikal leading all the way from start to finish without loosing his lead ever. A strong performance showed Mahathir driving the newly landed XRAY RX-8 but after 18 min he had to retire due to a mechanical failure. In the end, it was a dominant victory for Haikal with a 4 laps gap over the second placed Zaidi driving his Mugen MRX5 and Asrul completing the last podium spot. Congratulation also to Epin for making his first A-main final appearance.

1/8th scale final result:

  1. Haikal 163laps 45:38.621
  2. Zaidi 156laps 45:37.973
  3. Asrul  146laps 45:36.976
  4. Ah Kong 143laps 45:32.719
  5. Eric Siow 134laps 45:29.383
  6. Epin 98 laps 33:14.903
  7. Andak 79 laps 23:02.252
  8. Ah Kong 78 laps 22:38.004
  9. Mahathir 56 laps 18:11.634
  10. Haji Jusri46 laps 13:31.300

In the 1/10th category Mizan claimed the TQ spot with his Shepherd V10 ‘11 powered by the new Sirio Nemesis XXX engine followed by Bad on second place and Mahatir on third place both driving a Xray NT1 for Team BM Marshall.

1/10th scale qualifying result:

  1. Mizan 20 laps 05:13.961
  2. Bad 19 laps 05:03.228
  3. Mahathir  19laps 05:04.090
  4. Eric Siow 19 laps 05:08.843
  5. Hafiz Fantini 19 laps 05:13.673
  6. Fun Wei 19 laps 05:14.312
  7. Zul Ojoyi 19 laps 05:17.332
  8. Ah Tong 18 laps 04:59.436
  9. Taufiqh 18 laps 05:00.183
  10. Amir Ninja18 laps 05:00.637

The 45 minutes final saw a little bit of a drama as the race was prematurely stopped at 30 minutes marks due to a transponder system error. Some of the drivers took opportunity to replace their worn tires before the restart. In the end Mizan crossed the finishing line in first position in front of Mahathir and Fun Wei in third position driving an Xray NT1.

1/10th scale final result:

  1. Mizan 164laps 50:49.532
  2. Mahathir 154laps 50:25.217
  3. Fun Wei  151laps 50:25.718
  4. Taufiqh 145laps 50:36.404
  5. Ah Tong 139laps 50:38.134
  6. Amir Ninja 136laps 50:28.925
  7. Eric Siow 125laps 50:31.301
  8. Zul Ojoy 82 laps 30:42.120
  9. Bad 58 laps 17:29.360
  10. Hafiz Fantini40 laps 11:43.637″

Report by: Mohd Rizal