NT1 & T3’11 Wins The MBA Cup, Malaysia


NT1 & T3'11 Wins The MBA Cup, Malaysia

“The inaugural MBA Cup was held at the MBA Resort (Minyak Beku Agrotourism) in Batu Pahat, Malaysia. Located in the Western Johor state, the MBA racetrack is a newly build facility, resort-style environment with chalets and restaurants just across the racetrack. Temporary layout outlined by steel pipes would soon be completed with proper islands and curbs sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2011. Myself and 7 other drivers from Singapore drove across the border to this unfamiliarize town to compete in this new racetrack along with some top drivers from Malaysia in the 1/10 EP Open Modified Class. This would be one of the bigger and more exciting races to attend as it attracted Malaysia National Champions 2009 Jackie Siow (XRAY/Orca), Malaysia National Champions 2010 Azri Amri, FEMCA 2010 Champion KS Chu as well as multiple race winners. The event also attracted about 20 drivers in the 1/10 GP Class. We started the journey at 5am in the morning from Singapore on May 7 Saturday, hoping to get a full day of practise before the race on Sunday, arrived at the MBA racetrack at about 9am.”

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