Hoppe wins in Hamburg



“The first round of the North German Championship was held at the track of Hamburg last weekend. After the winterbreak 37 racers in total found their way to one of Germany’s most famous cities, 21 of them racing in the 1/8th scale class, among them Shepherd driver Lars Hoppe.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning some light rain showers hitted the track which resulted in difficult conditions for the qualifying. The result was mixed up a little bit but Hoppe managed to claim the 3rd place in the qualification ranking with his Novarossi powered Velox V8 “eleven”.

According to the new rules of the German Federation everybody has to go through the semis to reach the main final. Hoppe managed to win his semi 2 laps in front of Jens Stark which secured him the pole position for the 30 minutes main in front of Jens Stark and Andreas Giesa who won the other semi. At the start of the final Hoppe could defend his lead followed by Giesa and Stark. He increased the gap slightly lap by lap but in the middle of the final Hoppe dropped back to second place because he had to re-adjust his engine. In the remaining minutes Hoppe showed a strong performance and managed to pass Giesa for the lead. With a gap of 4 seconds he crossed the finishing line in first position followed by Andreas Giesa and Jens Stark.

Lars Hoppe was using a Shepherd Velox V8 “eleven”, a Novarossi Flash.21 engine, Shepherd tyres and MLC fuel.”