1/8th Euro Warm Up – The Track


8th Euro Warm Up - The Track

Our friends NeoBuggy.net reports – “The venue for the 2011 Euros is the kinda funky track in Sand am Main, at first glance the drivers stand looks tiny, but when you’re standing on it, its pretty big! The track at Sand is one of the more unique creations we’ve seen and been to, rather than the drivers stand being parallel to the straight or longer of the two lengths, the drivers stand is perpendicular to the track and at the bottom of a pretty sizeable hill – not quite the ‘M’ from Furulund in Sweden, but the whole track is on a slant and following the hill’s curve has a dip towards the left. The straight is pretty cool – downhill the full length of the track with a sharp left at the end, expect to see a few over eager continentals slamming on the brakes only to lose the rear and end up in pitlane! The track looks fairly technical and the changes in elevation will continually play on the drivers’ minds, in particular one section see here, a sharp right followed by a double that continues into a cobblestone left hander – all uphill.”

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