TQ Big Bore Shocks for Short Course/Truck


TQ Big Bore Shocks for Short CourseTruck

“Get your Short Course or Stadium Truck ready for those bumpy outdoor tracks of the summer with TQ’s Big Bore shocks. Developed from stellar racing results at events like 2010 ROAR Nationals and Short Course Showdown Tour, these large diameter shocks will give your truck a better ride over the bumpiest terrain. Dual springs will provide your truck with the soft suspension feel needed to corner hard and land big jumps, with a second spring designed not to sacrifice the ride height needed to keep proper suspension geometry. These shocks will come as standard equipment on future TQ SX10 SC and SX10 T Pro Roller kits as well.

TU0266 – Big Bore Shocks – SC/Truck (Rear) $65.99
TU0268 – Big Bore Shocks – SC/Truck (Front) $65.99”