UK Endurance Masters 2011


Last years Endurance Masters

“Yes folks, its here AGAIN!. THE single most exciting race concept in the UK right now. This is the endurance race to end all endurance races. You will pit man against machine in the ultimate challenge of strategy, driving skills, engine tuning, and most of all team work. You will race in a team of a minimum of 4 drivers, One chassis, One engine, 2 Gallons of fuel in a battle to the ends of endurance. Your team of 4 or more drivers will be supplied A BRAND NEW engine, as will 2 gallons of quality race fuel. And here’s where it gets interesting. Using your own exhaust, choice of glow plugs, tyres, chassies. The race will start at approx 10am and you have to fit your engine to the car, run it in, and race it and race it hard!! Yes thats right, a nitro car running CONSTANTLY for 6 hours, this really is the ultimate test of man and machine. Enough to put the Le Mans 24 hours to SHAME.”

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