Noise restrictions force Euro B track change


Below you will find the full press release with regards to European Championship 1/10th B moved to Rucphen…

European Championship 1/10th B moved to Rucphen.
March 27 th 2011

Dear European Championship Driver,

Due to problems with our environmental license that has been changed last year, we are not able to organize this event on the track in Heemstede. The last 2 months we have been very busy measuring noise and dealing with the local government to find a solution. Up till last Friday the 18th we still had a good hope to race in Heemstede.

Unfortunately we did not succeed, which means the club has to follow the rules that are now in the new license. Due to the fact that the noise level from a 1/10th scale car is just over the limit mentioned in this license we do not want to take the risk that we must stop the race after 2 days due to the fact that the Government takes measurements and concludes that we make to much noise. Apart from a penalty in money, which is the smallest problem they could tell us to stop racing for the remaining days. That risk is too big now, so we have decided to organize the event at the track in Rucphen.

Rucphen is situated in the South West of Holland, between Breda and Roozendaal. Mac De Baanbrekers have accepted our request to organize the race at their permanent track, which some of you might know from the past. The Euro’s A and B for 1/8th have been organized here in the late ‘80’s and beginning of the ‘90’s. We regret this situation, but think it is the best solution and still have a good event.

It will still give you time to change your reservations without any problems. As regards camping facilities at the track however we must inform you that this is not possible at the moment. Normally camping is possible in Rucphen at the track site; however the part that is used for camping is now used for a big rebuilding of the Ski-Dome that is part of the complex. We are still looking for a solution but fear that it is not available in time. There is an official camping not far from the race track and we are checking for possibilities to use a kind of shuttle bus from the camping area to the track in the morning and late afternoon for the people with a Mobil house or camper.

Hotels in the neighborhood of the track can be found here.

This was the website from last year from their 1/5th scale event. Here you can also find an overview from the track and where it is located. The MACH website will be updated this week with all the relevant information to help you find your way to Rucphen. Once again our sincere apologies for this situation which we could not foresee until a few weeks ago. We hope you understand it and like to welcome you in Rucphen in May Sander de Graaf MACH Heemstede.