Homewrap Summer Series Rnd# 2 – Nitro-X #1


OCR reports – “Round 1 Pro Buggy – Christianson takes the win 8.65 ahead of Manalvo and Ciccone in third. Short Course Truck – Knauth starts off the series witha dominant win over Christianson, newcome Shane Ussher showing real promise to get his SCRT10 up into third, ahead of Paul Mansell and Steven Jackson. Round 2 Pro Buggy – Manalvo puts his first win on the board ahead of Ciccone with Tim Nicol coming home strong in third Christianson and Steven Peckham filling the Top 5. Short Course Truck – Christianson making a race of it finishing 4.06 behind Knauth, with Ussher again hanging onto third place ahead of Mansell, Shannon Ward, Jackson and Beau Harris. Round 3 Pro Buggy – Nicol lays down the gauntlet putting 9.54 on Manalvo at the end Christianson, Jackson and Ciccone filling the Top 5. Short Course Truck – Knauth dominating the field again to finish 27.86 secs ahead of Christianson, Ussher 1 lap down in third, Mansell and Henri Raafs fourth and fifth, Harris, Jackson, Brendan Lys, Ward and Ciccone rounding out the Top 10.

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