Lutz reports on Psycho Nitro Blast Victory


“Last weekend the Psycho Nitro Blast event took place in Unadilla, Georgia, USA. The indoor dirt track drew 468 entries spread over the various classes. Team Durango’s Ryan Lutz dominated the Pro Buggy class with his DNX408 against stiff competition, taking the TQ and win. Ryan also won Pro Truggy.

Ryans report:
First Qualifier was at 3:30am and I got lucky to do well. My engine was super rich and ran at 180*. I usually run at 240 – 260*. I could barely clear the big triple. However the lack of power seemed to keep me out of trouble and I took TQ for the first round.

Second Qualifier I was on TQ pace again. Unfortunately after my pitstop I think my pit guy got fuel on my pipe and it richened up really bad and around the first corner I flamed out. Took 40 seconds to get the car back to pit lane and fired again. Ended up finishing 4th for the round even with that. Would have took TQ by about 10 seconds.”

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