3D Rendering of Crewe Off Road Club Track



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Progress is taking place at the new Crewe Off Road Club which is currently under development. We have been sent the following 3D rendering pictures of the future track and the following words from the team…

“The feature jumps in front of the rostrum (triple and double) are 6 feet high to give you a sense of scale of the obstacles; we’ve incorporated pretty much everything in this track, doubles, triples, whoops, a step up section, a drop off section, a VERTICAL wall of death! Our aim is that the jumps although huge will be easy enough for a beginner to clear yet challenging enough for the pros to have to think about the landings to gain the vital tenths required for a fast lap. The land drains have been put into the field and the field is now draining quite nicely. So hopefully with a week or two we will start the track build in ernest. We have put the car park in already and it is of a tarmac chippings arrangement, and will keep everyone clean in the pits which I’m sure everyone will appreciate especially in inclement weather. We are now looking at ways to keep the guys clean that venture onto the track too! We will update you on this when we have a solution!”