New Serpent 733-EVO


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Serpent have released the following press release regarding their new Serpent 733-EVO…


  • “Direct Link System included, this innovative rear end system transfers the suspension pressure from one side, through a link system to the other side as well, creating even more rear end grip and making the 733 even easier to driver. The system can be used with or without rear anti-roll bar, depending on the conditions. The 733 can also be used without the DLS system, depending on the track and conditions.
  • SFC rear end; Serpent Flex Control rear end, by which the brackets holding the 2-speed shaft and the brackets holding the rear diff, can be connected with either aluminium inserts, or rubber inserts, or leave in full flex mode. Track-conditions and personal preference will decide what to use. It’s fast and easy to change it.
  • The rear anti-roll bar ball-bearings are seated in delrin bushings to isolate vibrations
  • The 2-speed shaft bearings are seated in delrin inserts for optimized fit and to isolate vibrations.
  • Mono-type engine mount in high quality 7075 T6 alu, with cooling-fins, for super-stable seating of the engine.
  • Mono-type ventilated brake-disk in special steel, super smooth braking
  • During 2010 season many small improvements have been effected already like better tank-seal, improved M-type composite suspension arms and improved 2-speed gears.
  • The super smooth transmission system superbly designed and manufactured 7075 T6 aluminium and spring steel components combined into a well-balanced, extremely fast and easy handling racing car.”