Brennan Ralls leaves Xray/Hudy & RcDisco


PirateRC reports – News in from Brennan Ralls that he is to part company from Xray/Hudy & RcDisco. A bit of a shock as Bren has often been seen as the UK Team Manager & back bone of the UK team, for many years now many would go as far as to say the face of Xray UK. His help-fullness on & off the track will be sadly missed by the Xray team. Where Bren is to move will be announced soon! stay tuned and all will be revealed in good time. Bren had this to say –

“Having raced & represented Xray & Hudy as a factory driver for the last 5 years, Has been a pleasure & honour. It has been a fantastic time & opportunity to work with a truly motivated family, with there ideas from proto type stage to final production. I wish to thank all the staff & Hudy family for there commitment & support they have always given me. Its a tough time leaving but sometimes things are just meant to be, so I wish them & there families all the best for the future.”