Jesse Robbers Continues with Team HB


“HB and HPI are proud to announce that 1/8th buggy Worlds A-Finalist and consistent top runner Jesse Robbers has extended his contract with HB!

“I will continue to race for HB throughout the 2011 racing season. I started racing for HB at the beginning of 2008 and the past few years have been very good for the both of us. I feel the platform of cars and tyires HB offers has been a key factor that has, and continues, to help me improve my results on a consistent basis. The cars are very durable, easy to drive, and fast all while being offered at a low price. The tyres have great performance while outlasting other brand tires. From the beginning HB has been very open to accepting me into their company and has allowed me additional responsibilities which continue to prove beneficial for us. I look forward to continuing the awesome relationship HB and I have and also I to the great things to come in 2011 from HB. I do not plan to change any of my other sponsors and I will continue to use O.S. Speed Engines, Sidewinder Fuel, KO Propo radio and servos, HB Tyires, HPI Racing, and Avid R/C.

“I would like to thank some Hot Bodies/HPI people directly for the help and teamwork they have been a part of. Thank you Tatsuro-san, Hara-san, Miura-san, Hiro-san, Josh Alton, and the whole Tessman family (including Squirt).”

We are extremely proud to have both Jesse and Ty Tessman on the HB team, they have both been a great addition to the HB crew and a fantastic partner for Atsushi Hara!”

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