Jerome Sartel joins Agama & Nemo


“NEMO Racing and Agama are proud and very excited that former French Champion, World and European finalist Jerome Sartel, will be joining NEMO Racing as both a driver for Agama, and an employee for NEMO Racing. Agama is assembling a team of fast and experienced drivers globally, and adding Jerome is a huge asset to this exciting new brand. Jon Hazlewood of NEMO Racing had this to say:

“Jerome has long been a friend on the R/C racing scene, and one the guys I respect most, both on and off the track. Jerome had indicated to us that he was interested in employment within the R/C industry, and after several conversations we felt he would be an ideal candidate for our company. Jerome will be handling sales and customer relations in the French and Belgian markets for us, and naturally will be a high profile addition to the driver/development line up for Agama Racing. After some extensive testing at his home track, Jerome was very happy with the A8 EVO and this was the deciding factor in him coming on board. We have some other awesome products that are on the way and Jerome will have direct input on the development of these. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together”

We look forward to seeing Jerome in our colours and welcome him to NEMO Racing. Jerome completes the NEMO Racing/Agama A team for France. His wing men are Bacro and Sartel JP.”