Ty Tessman to Continue with HB


Hot Bodies reports – “HB and HPI are proud to announce that 1/8th buggy Worlds A-Finalist and consistent top runner Ty Tessman has extended his contract with HB! Ty says:

“I am excited to announce my resigning with HB and I look forward to the 2011 season working with team managers Hiro-san and Muira-san, as well as Hara-san and Jesse.

HB/HPI Racing have been very supportive of me and my family over the last 7 years. They took a chance on me way back then and for that I am truly thankful, they have been great right from the beginning. I am looking forward to what the new season holds for me running for HB. Thanks for the all the past and continued support!”

We are extremely proud to have both on the HB team, they have both been a great addition to the HB crew and a fantastic partner for Atsushi Hara!”


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