S-WORKz S350 Buggy Update


“The S-WORKz S350 BK1 Pro Kit comes with loads of S-WORKz Factory Team optional parts that add strength and performance to meet any competition head-on. The S-WORKz design team put a lot of effort into the weight distribution of the S350 BK1. This contributes a major factor in the car performance and general car setup. Equipped with Big Bore Shocks and oil filled differentials, the S350 delivers good traction and great balance on any off road tracks. The pivot ball steering system gives the driver a good feel while driving the S350 BK1. The Standard set up is a very easy and good start for any drivers. The S350 BK1 from S-WORKz is the buggy for all types of off road tracks and gives the best performance to all level drivers. The main development goal of S-WORKz is to use only the best materials and designs, available on the market to make the S350 BK1 fast, strong and reliable at the race tracks. Overall, the S350 BK1 is a perfect combination of design, high quality and outright performance.”

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