TC6 Build Tips by Olly Jefferies


CML reports – “Team Associated Captain Olly Jefferies was the first person in the UK to get some real track experience using the new TC6. In this report he shares his findings… Hi, and welcome to my Team Associated TC6 touring car build tips. The car should be built as per the manual but here are a few pointers that will help get the most from your new TC6. So, let’s start off with fitting the servo as this is a part that can be done quickly but is something that needs to be done properly. It’s very easy to twist any car from fitting the servo badly. I always use a thin piece of header card to sit under the servo while fitting; this keeps the servo off the chassis slightly. I tighten each screw but not fully. This lines the servo posts up straight before tightening fully. Make sure the car is flat then tighten all screws starting with the screws in chassis first, then the four servo mount screws corner to corner. Once tight remove the header card, place on a board to double check car is flat.”

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