High-Class R/C Sports at LRP TC Masters ’11


LRP reports – “The entry lists for one of the biggest and most competitive touring car races in the world are open. From 25th to 27th March 2011 the LRP Touring Car Masters will again see the who-is-who of the international TC drivers. From March 25th to 27th a small city near Heidelberg in Germany will be the centre of the R/C scene. The 14th edition of the prestigious LRP Touring Car Masters will take place there. Today it is one of the absolute top events for fans and drivers from all over the world. The 2011 edition will again be one of the biggest and most competitive touring car races worldwide. Top drivers guarantee lots of tension and racing action in the Rhein-Neckar-Halle in Eppelheim (near Heidelberg). Like in the past years, the MSC Eppelheim club will be LRP’s cooperation partner. The presence of the best drivers in the world has always been a trade mark of the LRP TCM.

And also for the 2011 edition World Champions, European Champions, National Champions and former TCM winners will come together to fight for the victory. No other race – except the WC – is attended by this many of the worlds top drivers! Reigning champion Ronald Völker aims to win the Masters for the second time in a row. But the acting double European Champion faces a lot of high-class competitors: Marc Rheinard from Germany, Alex Hagberg and Viktor Wilck from Sweden as well as Andy Moore from Great Britain. Young drivers such as Christer Andersson/FIN and Elliott Harper/GB will do everything to challenge the established stars.”

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