Xray T3 2011 Wins 2010 Italian GP


Xray reports – “The 2nd Italian GP was held in the small village of Palazzolo, close to Milano in northern Italy. The race saw a large carpet track with a really challenging layout. Some 100 drivers attended the race including all the top Italian electric drivers as well as foreigners Ronald Völker, Eric Dankel and myself. The LRP CPX control tire was used and as the track size was similar to the one at DHI Cup, this was a great opportunity to set up the car for these tires and prepare for the DHI Cup. Traction levels became fairly high and the finals had some close racing in both classes. Besides the Modified class, the 10.5 turn “Sport” class was run as well, with no limit on speed controllers which led to very high speeds and low lap times. In practice I tried both cars that I had prepared for the race, and in the end I settled for my first T3’2011 kit which has a fairly standard set-up including a ball diff, standard top deck and roll center holders. The car was very responsive, with good traction and steering right from the start. After a few changes I was the pace setter in the first two qualifiers. In the end, however, Ronald took the TQ spot by a small margin by winning 3 rounds whereas I had won 2 rounds.”

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