Team Durango reports – “We have sold out of the first and second batches of DNX408’s. Sorry, but the ‘408’s that are out there out with distributors and on there way to shops now (1st batch) plus what’s soon to be out there (later in December, 2nd batch) is all that we are likely to be able to get until March. We tried our best for this not to happen – We got forecasts in advance off all the distributors world wide, which is based on what they expected their market needed from seeing our pre-release photos. In most cases the distributors estimate high to make sure they get what they need and to hold some in stock. Durango then ordered based on that total, plus some for stock for the first batch – but with the pace the car showed at the WC they were SOLD OUT before even being packed. Before going to Pattaya we gambled on ordering a second batch (same quantity) for holding in stock, that batch is SOLD OUT as well. The bottom line is that Durango is sold out of the DNX408 until around March, so if you want a DNX408 you’ll have to reserve one of the ones that’s out there or soon to be out there with the shops and distributors that trusted in Team Durango.”

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