Orca Wins Trust Hobby, Xray Malaysia Cup 4


“P.Y.Tang TQ and took the win for Team Orca and Team Xray in the Modified Class at the Trust Hobby Racing Xray Malaysia Cup Series 4. The finals did not take place as rainstorm washed out yet another race this month. This time the race was ran in an anti-clockwise direction which is fairly tough as the original track layout was designed to be in the clockwise direction. As the traction was generally low in the morning, tire choice and treatment as well as having a good setup was crucial. P.Y.Tang has been testing his new powerplant combination of Orca Vritra TC Pro-Spec ESC and 6.5T motor with turbo boost on, which he ran an accident-free run on Heat 2 and saw him took the first 24 laps. P.Y. added that this combination is very easy to drive in the in-field and much faster than most modified motors on the long straight. This setting will be much more advantageous in a bigger track which requires the extra speed.”

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