Team Orion Backstage


“After dominating the electric R/C market for over 14 years, Team Orion owner Philippe Neidhart wanted to expand their product line with nitro engines. This began in 2001.The nitro scene was a very difficult market to get into. People were already set on their ways of what works best and there were already many established nitro engine companies. Knowing this process would take some time, Philippe started building a team in the USA. Ryan Cavalieri was Team Orion USA’s first big name driver to run the engines. For the next couple of years Team Orion made a big push to make their nitro products well known by starting a nitro race team and sponsoring many nitro events. This all started with the Team Orion .12 1/10 Drone Engines and would later change into .21 racing engines when 1/8 scale began to be the dominate class.”

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