New Schumacher Cougar SV Options


Schumacher reports – “We are pleased to announce the following new products for the Cougar SV. Firstly this CNC Alloy 2 piece gearbox casing. Designed to be a super precision fit for ultimate alignment of the transmission assembly with an extremely tight seal to prevent dirt ingress. Made from tough 7075-T6 alloy, this unit also looks cool with its engraving and stealth black look. Heavier weight giving more rear weight bias for improved traction. Secondly for the Cougar SV this new shock mount. Something that the team drivers have been developing for some time, this new 4mm Carbon Fibre mount is drilled to sit 4mm lower than the standard one. This enables the front end to have more front droop and less up travel, something the drivers have desired under a lot of conditions.”