KMRCA 1/8th Onroad Championship


“On November 16th the KMRCA (Korea Model Radio Control Car Association) 1/8 Onroad Championship of Korea took place at the Hitec Race Track in Oh-Chang. This race is held only once a year, therefore it’s the largest race in Korea. After 3 rounds of qualifying Velox V8 pilot Nak-suong Choi was the top qualifyer of this race. Also Young-jun Kim clocked some very good laptimes with his Velox V8. At the start of the 45 min final Nak-suong Choi defended his first position and tried to increase the gap on the rest of the field. After a few minutes it was clear that nobody could drive as fast as him and he increased his lead lap by lap. In the end he crossed the finishing line in first position 6 laps in front of the 2nd placed driver Nam-sang jun. With Young-jun Kim in 7th and Se-dong Jang in 8th position two more Shepherd drivers made it into the top10.

1st – Choi, Nak-sung – Shepherd / Novarossi
2nd – Nam, Sang-jun – Serpent / Novarossi
3rd – Choi, Seung-won – Mugen / Novarossi
4th – Hong, Ki-yong – Serpent / Picco
5th – Jang, Ji-hwan – Serpent / Max
6th – Oh, Sae-yong – Serpent / Novarossi
7th – Kim, Young-jun – Shepherd / Picco
8th – Jang, Sae-dong – Shepherd / Picco
9th – Kwak, Dong-ju – Serpent / Max
10th – Choi, Young-sung – Serpent / Novarossi”