T3 Tripple Champion At 2010 Spanish Champ


“The 4th round of the Spanish Nationals was held last weekend (Oct-15) in Villareal (Euros 2008 track) in eastern Spain. The weather was sunny weather and the race was well attended by drivers and spectators. The race was the last one and none of the championships were decided. In Stock there were 2 drivers battling for the top spot, and Modified was also close with 2 drivers aiming for final victory. STOCK: In Stock class (10.5T), Roberto Hernandez and Alberto Malga were the two main drivers who could get final victory. Finally Alberto couldn’t attend the race and left the victory in hands of Roberto Hernandez. In either case XRAY would be the winner as both drivers drove the XRAY T3’10. The race was dominated by Roberto Hernandez who got TQ, the fastest lap, and the victory!”

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