Hobao HyperStar’s UK Debut


CML reports – “On Sunday the new Hobao HyperStar made its debut in the UK at the hands of John Howells in the excellent Stoke Nitro Car Club Winter Series. The car has a completely new front-end design and utilises the excellent pivot ball system, which allows easy adjustment of caster and should produce more steering both in and out of the corner. The car should now carry more corner speed in effect. The front chassis brace has also been altered. It is now no longer attached to the radio tray and goes directly to the chassis making it stiffer which will also aid ‘turn in’. To accommodate this Hobao have re-designed the radio tray which now has an easy access flip lid for the receiver and receiver pack! That’s the theory, but how did it go in real life? The race meeting was composed of three 5 minute qualifying round and one final of at least 17 minutes. A pretty standard format nowadays. John qualified top with the car in round 1 with the only eight lapper of the round. After, John commented that the car was very planted, very quick in the corners, and that he felt that the new front end helped the car perform over the rough stuff.”

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