HPI Cup Racer BMW 2002


“The Cup Racer kit is now available with the legendary BMW 2002 in a fantastic build-it-yourself car kit! The Cup Racer combines amazing features and racing spec in true-to-scale one-tenth size, in what we like to call ‘True Ten’ design! With the HPI True Ten performance chassis, you have the opportunity to experience the joy of owning a super-realistic representation of some of the most legendary sports cars ever made.

Authentic Detailing:
The True Ten series features the most painstaking attention to detail that our designers have ever tackled. Every body line and curve from the real car is represented in the crash-resistant bodyshell. Every door line, bootlid and side skirt is represented exactly as it appears on the real car. There are even reproductions of the actual windscreen wipers, bumpers, exhaust systems and mirrors, allowing the HPI True Ten series to deliver the utmost in scale car driving!

Ready to Perform:
Experienced RC racers will be able to take one look at the Cup Racer chassis and see for themselves the performance potential of this all-new chassis! A huge array of tuning adjustments is possible using the standard kit parts.

Designed for Excellence:
From the very start, the True Ten scale Cup Racer was engineered for top-level performance at a reasonable cost – while still maintaining the true-to-scale look that scale modelers desire. To accomplish this, HPI designers have taken it upon themselves to perfect concepts that long-time HPI owners may recognize, but haven’t seen in their ultimate, final form.

Total Adjustability:
With the True Ten chassis, you will be able to fit a wide range of upcoming HPI True Ten bodyshells, as well as available bodyshells such as the popular M-chassis models. Because real cars have varying dimensions such as width, wheelbase and height, HPI designers have created the True Ten chassis to be as flexible as possible when fitting true-to-scale bodyshells.”