Drescher on the Worlds – Finals Day 1


Neo Buggy & Drescher reports – “The calm before the storm! Today is the start of finals and it usually starts off quiet because most people take this opportunity to have a lie in and catch up on some much needed sleep. For 2 runs a day I can’t believe how tiring the days are and quickly the disappear. You always manage to run out of time no matter how much you have. You have to be disciplined and when your busy checking and fixing stuff it slips away quickly. Personally I’d prefer about 4 runs a day even though it would be more rushed you’d cope easily and make better use of your time. The event here feels long and tiring. 7am hotel taxi to the track and a 7.30pm return so by the time we get back to the hotel from a long days racing and have a quick clean up its 8.30- 9pm before we get out to eat- earliest. Then we have the massages and trip down walking street to get in also.”

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