XRAY Column #48 – T3 Saga Continues


“After a very successful carpet season – where the T3 succeed very well by gaining many national titles as well as many very good international results – we were looking forward to driving on asphalt. At this time we started thinking about possible improvements for next year to keep XRAY ahead of all the other brands of electric touring cars. It was a challenge to find faults with the current car because the T3 was very good not only on carpet but also on asphalt. This was proven by Paul Lemieux, who won the coveted Reedy Race amongst many top touring car racers. However, there are always some details or parts which can be improved upon. Due to advancements in electronics in recent years, we have changed with the times and moved from brushed to brushless motors, and from NiMH to LiPo batteries. The T3 was designed for both LiPo and NiMH at its debut; some racers still used NiMH batteries, so we didn’t want the T3 to be LiPo only because many customers could be disappointed. However, LiPo popularity has increased dramatically and after 1 year almost nobody uses “classic, old-school NiMH batteries.” It was time to go LiPo only.”

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