Day 5 @ the Worlds: Thursday Qualifying


Neo Buggy reports – “Q4: Q4 was interesting, like Q3 the heat order began with 6-15 then 1-5, at the end of heat 14 we had a few sprinkles of rain – and as a result of the oil on track it was deemed a safety risk for the marshals. A 30 min rain delay was called and the small amount of precipitation burned off quickly giving the guys in Q1 arguably the fastest track. Up until this point the track has been getting worse and worse as is natural, but some of the holes that have developed may end up favouring some of the Europeans who have recent experience of these conditions at the Euros in the summer. Billy Fischer in my eyes was the star of quali today – silver ain’t gold, but two 2nds in Q3 & Q4 is a mighty strong result. The top 20 table below is slightly misleading – counting four of four rounds – Maifield had a poor Q4 and was immediately relegated from P1 to P27! Likewise Hara moving from top 5 to 21st, another driver off the table is Cody King – three good results and one bad – down in 36th. This is only to give our viewers an idea that its likely the tables will change drastically as the throwout rounds are factored into the standings.”

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