Team Orion Nitro Micro Site


“Only the best equipment will lead you to victory. That’s why Team Orion offers a wide range of competition engines for every need. Different types of on-road and off-road engines are available; with three, five or seven ports. What is the difference in performance and driving characteristics? Which engine offers best runtime, which one is unbeatable in torque? The new Team Orion Nitro Micro Site replies to all those questions: step by step we lead you to the engine you need! As soon as you found the best engine for your application, you can explore every technical detail about it, download the instruction manual and the exploded view. But this is not all: We also explain which glow plug to choose for the respective engine and which fuel combination is best for your needs. With the Marathon packs you will find the best receiver battery for your nitro vehicle! For those who want to know what is behind the patented CRF technology the website offers detailed explanations, backed up with technical drawings and statements of successful drivers using the 2010 US Nationals winning engines!”

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