Team Durango ready for Worlds


“Even before the 1/8 Team Durango Worlds team went to the World Championship track in Pattaya, Thailand, in October, we knew that the track was HARD. It is not only a hard track to drive, it is a HARD track on cars. We knew from seeing how other teams’ cars suffered at the warm-up race that the chassis in particular came in for some real punishment. During our tests in October, Ryan Lutz, Hupo Honigl and Gerd Strenge were able to confirm quite how punishing the Pattaya track surface was. Since he returned from Pattaya three weeks ago, Gerd has been working night and day on a solution to protect the chassis from the super-hard track surface and mega-high jumps. The 7075 hardened aluminium chassis, which comes as standard on the DNX408, withstood the punishment the track gave it really well, but Gerd wanted to give the chassis even more resilience.”

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