Team Durango Winter Series Rd 1


“Last weekend saw the first round of the Team Durango Winter Series at Ardent Raceway. The Venue – Ardent Raceway is the result of a lot of hard work and dedication by John Dawson and the staff and volunteers who have spent a lot of time making this facility into one of the best indoor racing facilities in the UK. The venue usually holds on-road meetings on a perfectly flat carpet track. John wanted to return to his racing roots and hold an off-road series at Ardent Raceway, this was the first round of this series and the first off-road meeting to be held at this venue. On the Friday before the event the transformation of the track from a flat carpet track to a multi-surface off-road track was started. This was completed on Saturday morning, ready for the arrival of keen off-roaders wanting to practise. The track consisted of different surfaces including several different types of carpet, hardboard and laminate flooring. There was a table top feature with a hairpin, a wall ride, rumble mats and a tricky double jump.”

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