T3 Double Victory At 2010 Swiss Championship


Xray reports – “The fifth Swiss Championship Race was held at the beautiful track in Baar. Team XRAY driver Mario Rigert was driving in the Expert Class and Philipp Hagnauer was driving in the Open Stock Class. Practice was held on Saturday. The weather forecast for the entire weekend was bad. Saturday all day long the track was under water and the rain never stopped so Philipp and Mario only prepared their cars for the race. It rained during the night, and the track was still wet on Sunday morning but the race still began. In Open Stock, Philipp prepared his car with a set-up which Alexander Hagberg sent to him a day previous. It was an awesome set-up, making him the fastest driver in Q1 round by 2 laps ahead of Philip Tschupp and 1 lap faster than the best Expert driver.”

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