LRP and Simon Nicholson On Top Down Under


“LRP driver Simon Nicholson celebrated a convincing victory in the modified class at the 2010 South Australia State Titles. The South Australia State Titles is one of the biggest and most important races in the Australian race calendar. More than 100 drivers attended this high-class event, which for the first time was held on the new AERCC circuit. The Modified class featured most of Australia’s top drivers, including three who participated in this year’s World Championships—Simon Nicholson, Ryan Maker, and Jordan Cullis! Qualifying featured a very tight battle between Simon Nicholson and Antoni Carretti. Ultimately, Simon captured the pole position by winning three out of five qualifying rounds. Powered by the LRP SXX TC Spec “Version 2” ESC and the LRP Vector X12 4.5T Octa-wind motor, Simon show his competition no mercy in the finals. He won all three legs by a considerable margin, proving not only that he is a great driver, but also proving the competitiveness of LRP Brushless technology at the highest level of competition. Congratulations, Simon!”