LRP “Boost 0” Speed Controls


“LRP as the world wide market leader in R/C car speed controls makes a clear statement. With the rule proposal for the so called “Boost 0 speed controls”, LRP for the good of our sports, sets a technical basis for world wide standardised stock racing! After the extremely increased performance in the stock and standard classes by high-power speed controls with active timing, the R/C scene agreed in the necessity to act. Due to the ‘explosion’ in performance, the testing and setup work also increased rapidly. LRP reacted early on that development and released speed controls with a “Boost 0” mode, meaning without a power profile, to limit performance and to equal the speed on the tracks. Other manufacturers followed soon. As there was no exact definition of “Boost 0”, the drivers couldn’t be sure that the “Boost 0” speed controls of the different manufacturers were on the same performance level. With the LRP rule proposal, the definite technical meaning of Boost 0 is now clearly defined for the very first time. Other manufacturers also get a firm base to ensure that “Boost 0” speed controls of different manufacturers can be allowed in one class, because they are based on the same preconditions. Many drivers’ fear of performance disparities in “Boost 0” speed controls among different manufacturers – with the new LRP rule proposal, they would be obsolete. Stock and standard classes now could get back to their original mission: racing with a moderate, equal performance and speed level!”

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