Savoya moves to USA


RB reports – “RB PRODUCTS USA is proud to announce the arrival of Renaud Savoya, the 2008/2009/2010 Off-Road European Champion. Renaud is well known around the world for his accomplishments as a professional driver and great personality. Renaud will dedicating his time at RB Products USA to the continuing development of the RB brand recognition, research and development and after sales technical support. He will focus on racing the grueling USA tracks around the country, and posting wins with his RB Products USA powered race platforms. Julie Besson will also join RB PRODUCTS USA on the commercial side in order to provide the best service for US customers. If you see Renaud and Julie at the track or catch them on the support phones or e-mail, wish them a warm welcome. We are excited to have them, and they are really excited to be part of the RB PRODUCTS Team USA.”

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