New HPI E10 Porsche 911


“The fantastic HPI E10 is now available with the Porsche 911 Turbo bodyshell!! The E10 is an easy-to-drive and extra-tough RTR touring car from HPI, making ideal for new radio-control car fans of all ages! The E10 is a four-wheel drive, factory-assembled, fully prepared 1/10th scale street car from the same world-renowned HPI design team that is famous for user friendliness, racer appeal and usability. Aimed squarely at the new or casual RC car hobbyist, the E10 will delight and amaze everyone who drives it! The first thing that will strike you about the E10 is how great it looks. Amazing quality bodyshells, crafted to perfection by HPI’s in-house craftsmen, are a trademark of HPI’s commitment to quality. Unique wheels in today’s latest styles and realistic-looking tyres in long-lasting rubber compounds are also items that HPI customers have come to expect. Adding to the cool style of the E10 is a complete set of actual rotating disc brakes (which look awesome but don’t actually function as brakes) and a venturi-style rear bumper! You won’t find these amazing details on any other RTR car!”

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