VP PRO EVO Belted Tyre


“During the past several months , VP PRO had been silent in the 1/8th off-road scene. The reason is we had been working hard on the new tires , a revolution range of tires at 1/8th off-road racing –Belted tire. Nowadays, we can see that engines are more and more powerful , gears are bigger and bigger , no wonder that the cars “fly” faster than ever before. Tires , as the most important part of the car, will have direct effect on the car performance. You need to upgrade tire as well. Our evo belted tires are designed for the cars nowadays, and especially designed for the World Track 2010 in Thailand. VP PRO continuously put much effort on innovation, reliable and hi-performance R/C products for global hobby enthusiasts. Our passion , our devotion on R/C, our profession is motivation of VP PRO . We hope can share with all of you!

Type 1: 808 Gripz Evo


1. Supporting Inside ribs. These ribs will strengthen the side wall of the tire , it provides less side wall flexx and fast cornering response.

2. Flexiable belt technology. This the main evo idea from VP PRO . A 24mm flexible belted inside the tire . The tire expands when accelerating, we all have the same experience that most of tires wears from centre to both side , and the tire will lose grip as the race goes by. The 24mm flexible belt will keep the tire flatter when accelerating, and provide suitable inflation when jumping. The benefit of this is no matter straight acceleration or cornering , the tire will contact the track more and performance will be more stable, and it won’t lose grip when jumping. Wear rate will be much lower.

3. 3-step pins design. This is the third strong point of the tire . square top pins will offer more forward traction, the red ribs will hold the pins tight which will make the tire stable under different track condition. And of course , it benefit a long life.”