New Novak Kinetic 1S Racing Brushless ESC


“The Kinetic 1S Racing Brushless ESC is optimized for 1S Li-Po racing: It sports a low-profile heat sink for easy installation in vehicles with space constraints and is also wired for use with a 2S Li-Po receiver battery pack. Not only are these 2S receiver packs lightweight and easy to mount, but they also ensure the best possible radio performance – a great benefit to using the specialized Kinetic 1S. Like the Kinetic 2S, this speed control includes all of the most sought-after ESC features, such as Novak’s redesigned Dynamic Timing Advance™, which is now unbelievably smooth throughout all of the timing levels; the advanced NovaBrakes™ system, which provides instantaneous braking under any timing condition; and a highly developed Thermal Overload Protection feature that prevents thermal overload without taking drivers out of the race.”

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