DirtChamp Design – TimeR and LapR


“A New Swedish Rising Star Company that will revolutionize the way we race RC Cars! It has been many years since a totally unique product was introduced to RC Industry. Now it is time. From the heart of Sweden comes the company DirtChamp Design, also known as DCD. DirtChamp Design´s focus is to provide high?end products integrating innovations with a previously unseen level of graphical design. The first product introduced by DirtChamp Design is the multiuser RC Lap Counting system called TimeR. A unique link to your laptop PC enables you to follow the racing action in real?time! Since no cables are required the level of simplicity is yet unseen in RC lap counting. ? We believe that TimeR will revolutionize the way people race RC Cars. Clubs can now easily afford their own lap timing system, the basher can set up a track on the backyard and race for the win, and the Racer now have the perfect tool to become the next Marc Rheinard, Adam Drake or Ryan Mayfield ? says Jonas Glad CEO of DirtChamp Deisgn TimeR launched for the first time on the 2010 International Hobby show in Nurnberg , Germany. After a fully booked pre?order list, the Swedish RC Multi User Lap Counting system is now ready for worldwide shipping from www.dirtchampdesign.com Stay tuned for more information regarding TimeR.”

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