Sabrina reports German Champ 1/8 in Rötz


Sabrina reports – “On Wednesday started the free practice for the German champ until Friday. But the weather forecast said until Saturday hard rain etc. and exactly like that it was. The practice was very good for everyone… I was always in the top 15. On Friday we took the best 5 fastest laps together and with this result we got our qualifications group. My group was ok. The fastest at this time were Salven, Pietsch, D’hondt and Dankel. But Dankel goes Saturday not on the start in the rain. Saturday the quali were very shit, the track was so dirty and wet! We build a rain car for Klaus, Andreas Giesa, Katharina – Stephan Hein and me.. This was good, because we could test a lot during the heats. Just Andreas and I we had sometimes unluck with the heat because one time broked the gas servo than the belt and so we had just one heat safe. With this heat I was at the 12 place and Andreas around 20 for the quarterfinal…”

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