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The Saga Continues – XRAY has long been viewed as the highest-quality and best-performing touring car available since it arrived on the RC car scene in 2000. Now with a long and distinguished history of racing achievements and groundbreaking, award-winning innovations, XRAY is proud to offer the 2011 version of the T3 platform… a top-quality “no-compromise” engineering marvel designed to put you in the Winners Circle. Revolution, evolution, optimization… those are the key terms that describe the T1 and T2 platforms brought forward to the racing world in the last decade, and the new T3 carries with it all the heritage and racing pedigree to again raise the standard even higher. XRAY Research & Development along with the Factory Team have devoted themselves to extensive testing, all in the effort to bring to the consumer the latest evolution year after year. The T3 platform has been redesigned and improved for 2011, raising the bar once again. No extras needed… just a desire to win. pure DESIGN. pure ADRENALINE. pure RACING. Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy, Chief Engineer, XRAY.

T3’11 New Features:

  • All new ultra-narrow chassis specifically designed for LiPo batteries
  • New centrally-positioned dual steering system
  • Improved cornering speed and increased out-of-corner steering
  • Easier to drive, especially in high-traction conditions
  • Horizontally-oriented servo with servo saver positioned in absolute center of chassis
  • Steering is independent from chassis flex, ensuring tweak-independent steering for super precise and constant steering characteristics
  • New narrow chassis layout, together with horizontal servo placement, creates centralized weight positioning
  • New redesigned top deck for dual steering system was specially shaped to create more traction, stability and steering
  • Extra steering stands allow connection to steering system via top deck, making for a stiffer car and minimizing tire overheating on high-traction carpet tracks
  • New LiPo-specific composite battery holders prevent batteries from moving in crashes
  • XRAY Multi-Flex Technology™ adapted to the T3’11 top deck design allows flex adjustment to adjust car stiffness for particular track conditions
  • New low-profile shock absorber membranes for easier shock dampening adjustment