New Team Grid Motor Mount


“Team Grid RC releases a new motor mount for the RC8Be, RC8Te and SC8e designed with the racers in mind. One of the visual things you will spot is an integrated pinion support for the motor shaft. By placing the pinion support at the end of the pinion gear, the motor can now withstand the punishing loads it is subject to during intensive racing conditions. By machining the pinion support into a single unit, the mount is precise and very durable. For added performance, the Grid motor mount has incorporated multiple mounting holes to utilize more than two mounting screws. If you currently run the Tekin motors, the Grid motor mount will use 5 of the available 6 holes. If you use the Neu/Castle motors, the Grid motor mount will use 3 of the 4 available holes. By adding more mounting screws, it is strengthening the setup and reducing the chance of any motor coming loose during hard racing conditions.

Instead of using a sliding mesh setup, Team Grid has opted for a cam style mount, which provides a more precise mesh adjustment, and once set, the mesh will hold until you need to change it. If you like changing motors during racing, the Grid motor mount will make swaps possible in minutes, as the Grid chassis mount unit uses a locking nut.

Features –

  • Motor mount with integrated pinion gear support
  • Multiple mounting holes to take full advantage of 4 and 6 hole motors
  • Cam style adjustment for precision meshing
  • Locking nut chassis mount for fast and secure motor changes

Team Grid will be releasing motor mounts for Losi, Mugen, X-Ray and others.”