Volta wins French 1/8th National Championship


“Last weekend the 5th and final round of the French National Championship took place at the BMRC track in Bourg-en-Bresse. In total the race saw 53 drivers in attendance divided into national class and elite class. Being the championship leader before this race Shepherd racer Richard Volta had the biggest chance to win this years national championship title in the elite class. Volta confirmed his pretensions by taking the pole-position for the 45 minutes final with a gap of 4 secons over Jérôme Papaconstantinos, clocking the fastest laptimes of all drivers. During the final he took it easy as he only had to arrive on 5th place to take the title. Volta opened the door for Papaconstantinos and followed him with a save distance to cross the finishing line on 2nd place, gaining enough points to win this years French Elite National Championship title. On third place Stefan Riccobono arrived taking the runner-up spot in the National Championship.” After the race Richard had the following to say: “It’s a great day, everything went perfect. I would like to thank my sponsors Shepherd Micro Racing, Boss engines and ATS tyres for this years support and help.”