Baudino Wins Argentinian Nationals


“Already two weeks ago this years Argentian Championship race was held at the captial Buenos Aires. It was Argentinian Team Shepherd member Eduardo Giardino how claimed the 2010 national titel with his Velox V8. The practise started already on Friday, but the weather conditions were cold and damp in the morning. In the afternoon the traction came up and Giardino clocked some good lap times. On Saturday the qualifying started. In the first round Giardino was very fast, but his transponder didn’t count correctly. The problem was solved for the secound round and he had a good run which secured him the second position. Afterwards nobody could improve so Giardino lined up second in the grid behind pole-setter Augustin Cutini. The 45 minute final was scheduled for sunday afternoon. At the start Giardino defended his second position and tried to follow the leader. His strategy was not to change tyres and it worked out quite good. Although the strategy not to change tyres didn’t worked out that good, Giardino could hold his second position. When Cutini had an accident, Giardino took over the first position and cruised to the end, winning with two laps over Adrian Frigerio and Francesco Rinaldi in third position.”