LRP Power Packs – Now With Traxxas TRX Plug


“Improved quality and more power – now also for Traxxas models! With the new LRP stickpacks a completely new and updated budget line is available. The new power packs represent the next generation of powerful NiMH stickpacks featuring higher capacity, outstanding power delivery, lower internal resistance and a completely new and stylish design. The packs can be used in all R/C racing applications.

Specially designed for Traxxas models:

  • All packs come with Traxxas TRX plug for easiest connection to the car
  • 6 cell (7.2V) and 7 cell (8.4V) packs available
  • 7 cell packs available in straight or special
  • Traxxas Hump configuration with one cell on top two different capacities: 3000 and 4600″

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