X-Factory Steel Front Axles (X6 or B4)


“One item that was released from X-FACTORY earlier this season but has never featured in a Press Release to date, are the all new Steel Trailing Front Wheel Axles to fit the X6 or B4 2wd buggies. These axles have been used successfully by the team now since they first came about at the early part of this season and have proved a huge hit with everyone who has seen them since. They are made from high quality steel so they retain maximum strength in a vulnerable area of the car unlike alloy versions that are already available. They also retain the button head wheel fixing that is so popular amongst racers (unlike the beefier version already on the market that revert to a conventional nut fixing) since the low profile button head screw does NOT protrude out and therefore is far less likely to break on impact with track markings and other cars. These X-Factory versions really do give you the best of both worlds, the strength offered by titanium and the durability offered by their simplicity in design …… Each pair of axles includes all the necessary hardware to install, they will fit the early X6 and the X6 Squared as well as the Associated B4 and B4.1 models too (along with another B4 based conversion kits also)…”