Kutvonen & LRP are Finnish TC Champions


LRP reports – “The 7th out of 8 rounds of the Finnish Touring Car Series brought the decision: with his victory, Viljami Kutvonen is Finnish Touring Car Champion 2010! Many of the best Finnish touring car drivers were attending, resulting in a highly competitive starter field. Once again LRP driver Viljami Kutvonen showed an impressing performance, easily took TQ and won the race in stile. Relying on the power of the LRP brushless technology, the LRP VECTOR X12 Octa-Wind 5.0T motor, the all new LRP SXX TC spec “Version 2” and the LRP LiPo 5900 – 50C “Competition Car Line” battery, Viljami Kutvonen was able to celebrate the overall 2010 title in the Finnish Touring Car series already after round 7! Congratulations, Viljami!”