Shepherd Victorious in Turkey


“After winning the first round of the West Turkish Championship back in July Shepherd driver Taner Timurlenk showed another good performance at the second round at the BUMOD racetrack near Bursa. During qualifying he setted the fastest laptime and tooked the TQ spot for 1 hour long main final. At the start of the final he could defend his first position and pulled away sligthly. Lap by lap he increased the gap and crossed the finishing line in first position with an convincing gap of two laps over Serdar Sakalioglu followed by Mustafa Al on third place. The next race will bring the decision in the Turkish National Championship. Both groups, east and west, will have a final race together to determin the champion. At the moment Taner Timurlenk is placed in first position in the ranking and has good chances to become the overall Turkish Champion.”